Secure Checking with EZShield Fraud Protection

EZ Shield logoID theft is the number one crime in America and there is no way to prevent this from happening to you. ID thieves are stealing personal information to access bank accounts, debit cards, social security accounts, medical records and tax returns. Your personal information is at risk every time you purchase a product or service. There is no way to eliminate the risk of identity theft. There is also no need to pay up to $15 to $20 a month for ID Protection services.

We are offering our qualified* members an affordable identity theft solution which will help address the risks of fraud and ID theft. A small monthly fee of $2.95 for individuals (primary member on account) or $5.95 for family

To take advantage of the many ways to protect your personal information, you must have a checking account and enroll online at

Here are the services you can expect from EZShield Fraud Protection:

Additional features of Secure Checking with EZShield Fraud Protection are available to you. To take advantage of these additional services, you will be required to create an online account. No billing information is collected or required for you to take advantage of these value-added services:

What happens if a member experiences lost wallet, fraud or id theft?

 *Qualified members include the following: